Warning: Pamela is closer than you think!

In this Pamelian era, dear buddies, won't I be a sinner if I don't deliver my own prophesy?

Great morning to you. For a while now, the trend that has been not so low-key on the net has been the "Pamela why...", well, if you still have not the slightest idea what it's about, I brought clarity with me in this post.

The Pamela why rave has generated from a video that's going viral, a Pastor, possibly from Zambia had this prophesy session in his church, and in the process exposed a fake friend whose name his Pamela, and with his quite interesting accent he kept asking: Pamela why?

The video of the church session (in case you want to see for yourself), I threw in a little extra, except you click otherwise, video will start few seconds before Pastor went all Pamela Hay-Why-Her.

You probably are cracking up in laughter by now, if yes, I don't know why, and if no, still I don't know, why? the video is a lead to what this post is about but not what this post is about. (biko don't ask me if I feel that Pastor/Prophesy is genuine or not, I am not a breathing Fake Friend Pastor Detector!)

Now that we have define who/what a Pamela represents (please no offense to those bearing that name), let me in this quick one in a list of 7 point out case scenarios wherein Pamela is closer that you think! Let's go.

  1. If you are a wantrepreneur.
    To understand who a wantrepreneur is in detailing, click the above link. A wantrepreneur anyways, is the absolute opposite of an entrepreneur! If you fall in this category, hmm, dear Lord.

  2. If you're a lover of giving up.
    You're never tired of repeating the circle, at the slightest hurdle you don't draw inspiration to do more from it but lets it draw you in and your hand go straight in the air with you yelling: can't do this no more. And you repeat that with the next endeavor.

  3. Fond of things more than you are of people.
    You hold things dear more that you do people, hence, you treat folks bad most times because of/compared to your possessions. Not living in the consciousness that your net-worth is based on what you've made of your network.

  4. You don't look before leaping. A madcap.
    You're the impulsive type. Always jumping into conclusions or starting stuffs without prior thinking and much needed analysis, as regards business, life.

  5. You are always impatient, always wanting to skip a process.
    Always on the look out for a short cut that will only end up leaving you cut short. There's no backdoor to success, unless you looking for a way out. -Cirphrank

  6. You yield to negative talks, stereotypes and mediocrity just to feel accepted.
    You act like a fan of negative vibes and always letting the words of people get to you. You always seeking acceptance and ultimately rejecting yourself, for you never seek accepting your uniqueness.

  7. You take actions based on what will they say and not does this suite my dreams?
    You are a loyal fanatic of the status quo, never the one to push standards for you find it more comfortable to belong in that to achieve your dreams that you've been longing for. 
There you go, but the list can not really be exhausted in 7 points but if you fall in any of these categories or more. As regards who is betraying you, my simple question to the person reading this is;

 Pamela, why?


I know I'm supposed to write something absolute here bla bla bla, but I'm busy designing, all I want to say his, let's grow together, like couples with genuine love or something.... I don't know...

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