Born on a Tuesday, page poetry since he was a kid, really? maybe not, but the point is: e don tey wey yansh dey back - in English: been a while now that the bum has taken its position seamlessly behind. Started spoken word poetry late 2014/early 2015. Since then, I haven't stopped, they say whatever has a beginning must surely have an end, in this case, that doesn't apply.

Gracing stages and lifting hearts has become a lifestyle, writing everyday is a routine strictly adhered to. I run a poetry blog at and a social network for poets at and till I get someone to write my bio, y'all just gotta make do with this😑

I'm a boat, waves, tides, in tune with an unyielding heart.


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I'll put you in an environment, one which you are familiar with, but everything is new...

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Hold on! Did you come here for a different Cirphrank?

😂 if yes, I guess you are reeking of utter confusion already, but fret not, you aren't lost, this base is just currently under poetic colonial rule😒
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I can't pinpoint the first time I listened to Cirphrank but I remember he was wearing Kaftan. He came on stage with so much wordplay that the event trended on social media with most people using his lines. Poetic Ali as he called himself that day, Cirphrank is indeed the Ali of Poetry - a short one.

Momodu Afegbua Ismaila

Cloud/DevOps Engineer

The first time I heard Cirphrank was at talk-active'19 but before then I had become acquainted with some of his works on the 663academy community. The wordplay, wits and sarcasm all merged with sweet/bitter reality are what makes his poetry different, good different. And on that fateful April ..., we were poetically transported to cloud 9 and back. Cirphrank Iwrite PoeticAli da punster.

Tuedor Abigail


The first time I heard him do poetry I was surprised and swept off my feet It's was a feeling I don't want to forget... I'm Like this guy is good!!! Cirphrank is a cool smart guy very intelligent and good at what he does. Then Everytime I read his work out I always smile.


Event Planner/Manager

Adunni (16Bars). That was it. That was the piece you performed the first time I saw you do poetry. I was simply mesmerized & hypnotized. I had never seen anything like it. Never.



Your poems that I have red reminds me of romantic Poets! You are good at words that creates affection and sometimes seduction! Your lines are simple and yet complex especially in Places where you play with words (pun)



Your way with words still amazes me. You have honed your craft and have shown that you know your onions. Keep pushing boundaries Cirphrank (The Pun Star)

Shobande Adewale

Brand Strategist

Your piece also have a place in the hearts of it's listeners The characters become real to us and tend to care for them One of my personal favorite is Aduni.


Spoken Word Poet

I thought you were different....1st time....I thought this dude is really good and then some friends mentioned to me the issue of your diction....being the pro that you are....that issue is gone In a nutshell Weird guy Great poet.



Wow The first time I heard you I knew that you are a blessing to this generation, divinely endowed by God with wisdom to bless mankind!



Yes I have watched you perform and it was amazing your words left me thinking so hard after your performance I have read your poems too and I love them You're a good and great poet You're unique in your style of poetry