Amazing Food Typography By Yemi Fetch

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This post is not one that requires me to write too much, it's a simple one of wherein all I need to do is show and the picture will speak volumes like it's trying to murder decibels, actually the basis of this is me showing off my daddy (the best visual identity designer in from and in Nigeria, whose specialty is in Typography), in this quick one, I'll be showing you ten best food typography the world has been opportune to witness. All copyrights reserved, Yemi Fetch.



Say it already, huh... you also love my daddy! right? πŸ˜Œ 

Just in case:
Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legiblereadable, and appealing when displayed. The arrangement of type involves selecting typefacespoint sizesline lengths, line-spacing (leading), and letter-spacing (tracking), and adjusting the space between pairs of letters (kerning[1]). The term typography is also applied to the style, arrangement, and appearance of the letters, numbers, and symbols created by the process. -WikipediaTypography

And it's with that I say, bye, for now, hope you had a great time. #share

P.S.: did you miss that he was rather pinning this down than writing with his food in one?


Weekend Round Up

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Happy Sunday there, hope you have had a great week of engaging clients and scaling ideas to realities with codesπŸ˜‡ - I have.

If you haven't, don't give up now, a new week is upon us, come tomorrow, push more and better. Well, below is my roundup for your consumption this week as regards stuff I love in tech. Just two for youπŸ˜‰.

1. Creating a blog. The Easy Guide.

Here are the links to all the steps you'd need to create a blog yourself, without any prior knowledge of coding, crystal clear guides that will help you steer your way around getting your own blog even on zero naira budget.

  1. Open The Blog 
  2. Customize The Blog
  3. Basic Theme Customization
  4. Custom URL SetUp Tutorial
2. The Floating Share Buttons Guide.
And if you happen to be not pleased with the rate at which your audience engage your contents, you really will love to see this one, an in-depth look into how and why you should use floating share buttons. Read why and how to use floating share buttons

And it's with that, that I say do have a lovely night pal and a great week ahead.😎


Why and how to use floating share buttons

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Okay people, if for some reason(s) you had not realized that I love food, well, breaking news! I love food! That's why this cover art has no social icons floating around but a cake that has been/is being shared.

Speaking of news, a news is not a news if no one knows about it, and one of the ways to achieve creating awareness is by sharing... I could go on and on like a very spiritual guru on this telling you of how there is love in sharing and that the Bible says the greatest commandment is love... only for you to eventually realize that the bottom line is what my title already yelled in your face.

Let's face it, even if you don't have any form of share buttons on your website yet, you'd admit that it is actually essential and that even you need it, not just your audience. So in the below short list, I shall point out to you why you should use floating share buttons on your website.

Just in case you do not know what floating share buttons are, they are those share buttons that are fixed, they don't leave the screen even when you've scrolled past where the started, e.g: as shown in this screenshot. 
Why use floating share buttons?

1. They don't change the aim, rather they enforce it better.
The aim of share buttons is to put you out there, your works, contents. Well, the thing is, floating share buttons don't actually change that, rather, they even make that more possible. for unlike traditional share buttons that leave the screen when you scroll past their position, these ones stick, and not many can ignore what's literally staring in their face all time.

2. Better UI/UX (User Interface/Experience) 
There's this thing about a site's look when it's got style, smooth beauty! and that's what floating share buttons literally give you when you use them, there's this luxury they attach to your website's value when a visitor comes to your site and sees such a cool function they don't see on every website. They may even think it costs money to implement when all it actually takes is just some lines of code. 

It helps make more attractive your user interface and consequently your user experience, no one likes to stress, when they realize they don't need to scroll up to the start of a post or bottom every time they want to make a share, but that the buttons are always with them, waiting by the side, it will boost your ratings in their minds and talks.

How to use floating share buttons.
Well, when one does not do something properly, even if it's a good thing, the result always turns out bad.

I only go by two personal guides when I'm implementing floating share buttons on any site;
  1. Don't do it for mobile views.
  2. Don't overload your website with codes doing it.

Why those two? Well, to me, the major things I consider when setting up a website is mobile responsiveness and speed.

If you use too many codes implementing floating share buttons, which is an easy trap for anyone to fall into when you decide to build the function from scratch, you'd most likely have broken a web design ethic which I love, minification. Not sure that's how pros would call itπŸ˜‚, but the point is to achieve the result with as little number of codes as possible.

I personally use third parties, though some will even end up making your sites heavier, you just have to choose carefully. Personally, I'm using Addtoany, that link will take you to the page with codes you can choose from, host them on your website and boom, the buttons are live. Below is the one I'm using.
Why did I choose that one? of all the codes on the page. Answer: because it is responsive!The first line clearly tells the code to stay inactive if the screen size is less than 900px in width and in any case that you need telling, no mobile phone is that wide.

This brings us to me explaining why I wrote that you should not do it for mobile devices, I have never seen any well-designed website whose mobile version runs a floating share bar (mind you, everyone's definition of well designed varies). No one has ever really said it but for, I'm a minimalist by default, but I take that even a notch up when it comes to designing for mobile devices, remove as many elements as possible. floating share buttons is only good for PC views because there's enough space on the screen for them to seamlessly fit into(that's if you haven't agglutinated your page with lots of unnecessary elements).

 Unlike PC, mobile devices don't really come with that luxury even on the 6 inches biggies, there's a whole lot displaying on the screen already, adding floating share buttons won't actually do the ideal job in this case but rather choke your contents, no space for them to breathe, and when that happens, your audience starts have bad user experience and consequently flags your user interface as awry in their mind, and that's bad for business, branding.

If you are not a web developer, to implement floating share buttons on your website, contact your web developer or take to me in the comments or via email and I'll guide you through the steps.

And it is on that note that I bring to you ladies and gentlemen, the humble end to today's treat on sharing. Remember there's love in sharing and my share buttons are waiting!


Creating your own personal blog. (A free DIY guide)

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This is something golden, the basis on which this very blog was built. If the guides are followed painstakingly, you should have your blog up and running in a maximum of a 12hours, yes, 12 hours.

Hey there, good evening, welcome to the Blog Set Up 101, class begins in the next paragraph.

Things To Note.
  • We'll be using Google's Blogspot platform.
  • You don't need to have any programming knowledge to pull this off.
  • Can be done with a phone, easier using a PC or laptop.
With that out of the way, I would proceed to put to you dear reader that this comes in series, but fret not, I have written all already, hence you don't have to wait for parts. You only have to read about every part in different posts, as will be accordingly linked sequentially in this parent post. Let's go.

1. Open Blog
The first thing to be done is to open shop, and by that, I mean open your blog, let's kickstart that which is quite simple in few steps.

Open Shop Tutorial

2. Customize The Blog Details
After opening the shop to the public, customization begins, so they don't come over only to find that it doesn't seeming like you don't have a grip of things, if that happens, they may just start doubting if you really own the blog.

Customize Blog Details Tutorial

3.  Basic Theme Edits
In this part, we'll apply desired changes to the blog's theme, and even with no prior coding/web designing knowledge, this is a very easy run.

Basic Theme Edits Tutorial

4. Setting Up A Custom Domain Name
This is totally OPTIONAL. If you have no desire or no budget for yet, you can totally skip this part. But in a case whereby you want your own custom website address(e.g: myguymyguy.com), you should delve right into this tutorial already.

Custom URL SetUp Tutorial

And with all of the above, taken care of, gentlemen and ladies, I dare say your blog is ready to go. Let the publishing begin!

If you have any questions, maybe something you feel I missed or that you just aren't getting, drop a comment here or in any of the posts linked herein. Happy blogging! πŸ™‚


Weekend Roundup: Whatsapp Ads - Android Update - Black Friday

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Hiya there, happy Sunday! I hope you've had a great week. Here's my weekend report for you!
Yes, you read that title right and trust me, it's not really going to go down well, for consumers, e.g: you and me.
As reported by TechCrunch, the update once it goes live will render any app you have that isn't up to date obsolete. They claim that developers have actually been requesting for this.

3. Black Friday has taken a smooth turn on AliExpress. The 11:11 run.
The eCommerce giant is keeping things insanely such a swell. If you have been looking to make a great purchase all week and haven't found a deal that really Black Friday-ish anywhere, head on to their website already, you will definitely find a good choice.
4. Are you a WordPress person? hope you have supercharged your website with these 5basic tools?
5. You want to boost your posts on facebook but finding making payments a hard one? Read how to fund your account with any naira MasterCard now.

And that's it, good people of me,  see you in the next post. Once again, happy Sunday!


How to give your blogspot blog a custom domain name

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One of the reasons I actually prefer Blogspot to Wordpress.com is that unlike WordPress.com, you do not need to upgrade to no paid plan before you can give your blog a .com/.net or any other top-level domain (TLD) name.

Hey there, good evening, today, I'll walk you through how you can set up your .com domain name to be directed to your .blogspot blog. The main case study is Goddady. Then Domain King.

If you have your domain name under another registrar, try finding similar steps, but if that doesn't work out, just drop a comment and I will help out.

The first step is if you do not have your custom domain name yet, go buy one now. Using Godaddy or  Domain King or any other registrar of your choice.

For Registering Domain Names, I trust DomainKing.NG

After that login to your account on the host site and go to products. In the case of Goddady - here's the link.
You should be seeing your own name.ext (e.g myguymyguy.net) domain name, click DNS. (when it opens, leave the tab open)

Open a new tab. Now go to blogger.com, once your dashboard opens, click settings from the menu that's in the left pane, and you should get something like this:
Right there in the menu that shows up on the right pane, under publishing click + Set up a third-party URL for your blog - and go ahead to enter the custom domain name you acquired earlier on.
After entry, click save.

You'll see an error with two CNAMEs.
  • Name, Label or Host: Enter the name as the subdomain, like "blog." or "www." For destination, enter "ghs.googlehosted.com."
  • Destination, Target or Points to: This is different for each person and is specific to your blog and your Google Account. - Source
From ShoutMeLoud

Well, actually, that error is good news, go on to our tab we left opened earlier, the one with the DNS page.

Delete any record you see there, then add new (CNAME).

Under "Name, Label or Host," type www.Under "Destination, Target or Points to," type "ghs.googlehosted.com."
Enter details for the second CNAME, which are specific to your blog and Google Account. As shown in the error you got from your blogger dashboard earlier.
When done saving the CNAME records. Go back to the page wherein you entered your domain name on blogger and got the error, save again, and this time, it will save.
Wait for at least an hour (max) for your DNS settings to activate.  Then you can start accessing your domain via your very own custom address.

To ensure your domain (example: mydomain.com) leads to www.mydomain.com when typed in that way, set up a naked redirect.

Open your DNS settings, as shown earlier.

Add four A-records which point to Google IPs.

Select the blog you want to update.

On the left, click Settings and then Basic.

Under "Publishing," under "Blog Address," check Redirect [mydomain.com to www.mydomain.com]. 

Edit of Excerpt from Official Support Page From Google
How it should look when you are done.

If on the other hand, you bought your domain name via Domain King. πŸ‘‡

Simply visit https://clients.domainking.ng/clientarea.php?action=domains while you're logged in.
Then scroll to My domains, once you see your domain, click Manage this domain as represented by an icon highlighted in the image below by the far right.
Then on the page that opens, scroll down and find under management tools the DKNG Quick Blogger Installer (Beta) button as highlighted below. Click it.
Then follow the prompts you see and save, all you'll need to fill, are two little boxes. Read Domain King's Official Article On It.

And by now, dear friend, you have successfully set up your custom domain running smoothly with your Blogspot blog.

This post was written using my knowledge, extract from the link below and a visual aid from SML treating the same topic.
Got any issues? let me know, and don't hide your success story either πŸ™‚. 


How To Make Payments On Facebook Business With Any Naira MasterCard

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This is a post dating to two years back but has been updated herein links and images.

A problem I read website/blog owners complain of most on my timelines is issues with advertising on Facebook. Can't say when they implemented the payment option, maybe it was a new year gift I'd be tipping you off about below but one thing is next to impossible; using the option on the mobile phone.

Since CBN placed a ban on Naira MasterCard late last year Facebook had been giving non-foreign MasterCard owners problems, and that has stayed so even after it was rumored that the ban has been lifted early this year.

Well ban lift or NOT, PAYU is here for you.

What's PayU?

Simply put PayU is like Interswitch, a payment gateway, who in this case helps you get away with making payments on Facebook for ads with your local MasterCard, even if it had been flagged before by FB, lovely, right?

How TO;
- Goto Facebook Ads Billing Page
-Click add money:

-Choose method as seen in the below screenshot:

-Enter amount

-Confirm details

Accept terms

Upon accepting
A pop up will show,

Choose the card as highlighted and underlined in the below screenshot:

Enter card details and follow subsequent prompts and that's it.

When done, go ahead and place an advert, most likely boosting of a post or page, it will be charged from your Facebook Account Balance which by following the above you have funded with your desired amount.

Good Day Y'all. Have a great remainder of the day.

Whatsapp Is Bringing Unskippable Adverts To Your Status Updates

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Yes, you read that title right and trust me, it's not really going to go down well, for consumers, e.g: you and me.

Because of this, that's being brought to the table, the founders of Whatsapp has reportedly left the company. Brian Acton has left the table saying Mark was in a rush to monetize the service and that undermines the elements of the app's encryption technology.
Targeted advertising is what makes me unhappy
When WhatsApp was founded in 2009, the team promised they would keep it ad-free and respect the privacy of users. But come February 19, 2014, I'm pretty sure we all know knew deep down inside everything was going to change as Facebook Inc. bought the platform. They have really brought about cool features to the platform, but the incoming one is just a deal breaker.

Whatsapp vice president, Chris Daniels was the one who made know this new update to come, come 2019 January as speculated by many. He said WhatsApp would start putting adverts in status, that it would be the primary mode of monetization for WhatsApp as well as an opportunity for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp.

Many are speculating that these adverts coming are unskippable and that Mr. Acton said "targeted advertising" only makes clear that you should forget about WhatsApp not prying into your privacy.

Personally, this has saddened me and I can say I literally see some startup already bidding for users WhatsApp will lose if they implement this, new chat apps will most likely spring up if those ads come unskippable. What do you think of this?

5 WordPress Essentials You Should Be Using.

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Good morning. Today, I'll be making known to you 5 essential things that as a blogger on the WordPress platform, you shouldn't miss having/using. Let go straight to the point.

1.) WordPress App
This is a must have for all, available for all screens. It makes writing easier with seemingly no distractions. It's fast, lightweight and extremely resourceful. It doesn't consume unnecessary data and it's fit to deliver a good blog post.

Download WordPress APP

2.) Anti-Spam
It would be one hell of a mistake to set off at running your WordPress blog without having an Anti-Spam system set up, it will be disastrous. As bots will endlessly flood your comment forms, Yes! WordPress ain't Google blogger, the script doesn't by default handle spams. Hence, the reason why you should head over to the plugin section, add new, and search for the keyword "spam". There are tons of options to choose from there. Which plugin I'd recommend? Stop Spammers.

3.) Newsletter
Now it has been proven over time that conversion of your viewers to subscribers is a great way to retain them and engage them better! And also it's one of the best ways to sell, and in turn, earn. So if you don't have a newsletter system up and running yet, you are missing out on a great deal, you are actually wasting funds.

This also can be done via the use of a plugin, there is a lot of them available. Just head on to the plugin section, add new, search the keyword newsletter, choose which tickles your fancy. That which I use? Mail Poet.

4. Statistics
There's no more dangerous thing than flying blind. And that's what you'll be doing if you're running your blog without having detailed statistics if how well you're are doing in terms of page views and more daily.
There are a number of good ways to get around this, you can connect your Google analytics account using a plugin, and also are their other plugin that does the job well. Just hit the plugin resort and add new. That which I use? K-Stat.

5. SEO
The yield of adverts are temporal, but SEO when rightly done, is permanent.
Simply put, no SEO is done right, no search engine rank is going to go right. (not that SEO is all that you need to rank right)
Yes, SEO is one big thing but can get pretty basic when you have the right tools. Like that which will guide you through every post. E.g Yoast  SEO plugin, the one I use. You can't go wrong if you follow the prompts given by the plugin as you create posts, and with time you'd be seeing changes in your ranking at a specific keyword. I don't know about others but the downside of Yoast is it doesn't work with the WordPress App, and sometimes give some plugins issues.

And that's people, there you have it. 5 essentials to spice up your blogging experience. Enjoy.


5 Reasons Why WORDPRESS.COM Is Not Ideal For A Blogger

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Today, I'll be listing 5 reasons why wordpress.com is not ideal for blogging.

What You Should Know First

Wordpress.com is different from Wordpress.org!
Simply put, Wordpress.com is that WordPress engine that hosts your blog offers you a "free" blogging platform with a .wordpress subdomain name. Meanwhile, Wordpress.org is a community of web developers, working continuously on the open source WORDPRESS script, making it available for use by anyone, that would have to host it, by his/her(self) making use of a third party hosting.
I'll be concise with this.

1.) It is not cost effective.
To use literally almost all the features that would really make your blog a blog you'll have to pay, to even park your own custom domain name which is absolutely free on blogger, you can't until you upgrade to the premium plan. Note: the premium plan does not give you free domain o. And most of the payments are mostly nothing less than $19 upward.

2.) No Theme Versatility.
Premium Plan or not, you'll not be having a variety of themes to choose from, just a few and you can't really upload a theme of yours (custom). It's worse in free though, and the premium plan will only offer you some bits of customization to themes, stuffs most other platforms give freely.

3.) Cpanel Is Not Mobile Friendly.
You think you've seen worst, wait till you try making a post on mobile. You'd literally have to fetch baskets of waters for the building of a house.

4.) Plugins Malnutrition
On wordpress.com, you don't get access to amazing plugins like it's .org. Only a few insignificant ones become available to you after you even upgrade.

5.) Annoying Advert Modes
The advert protocol simply put is outright ridiculous! They'll literally spam your blog with not well-structured adverts when you are running the free plan which can make your readers get irritated. And if you upgrade to a paid plan, you can't just monetize the blog yourself, you'll have to apply for it and agree to split gains that your advertising yields 50:50.

There are more reasons though but I'll leave it here, 5 is enough for a warning, they've got perks, yes, but the side effects flawlessly nullify the perks. For a blogger that intends to make a profession out of the passion, WordPress.com is a NO.

If the list seems like they're just basic things you can't take, don't be deceived, a load is only light in the beginning, only gets heavier as you go. I have once fallen for it and it cost me time and traffic already built and more. If you don't have the budget meant to help get you a self-hosted WordPress blog, just create a blogger blog instead.

Have a great day, be wise with choices.