How To Play Music On Livestream On Twitch While Live On Youtube At The Same Time

 For this to work, you'll need;

1. OBS Studio. - Login with Twitch, IMPORTANT. TWITCH, not youtube.

2. Releases · sorayuki/obs-multi-rtmp ( - Your gateway to sending the stream to Youtube while avoiding any extra load on your PC due to encoding. Scroll to assets on that page and download that which suits your PC/Laptop. And install.

3. And your music provider, might just be a webpage open like Youtube Music. I use streamelements media request.


(14) How To Play Copyrighted Music On Twitch While Multistreaming To Twitch And Youtube. - YouTube

Step 1.

After logging into your OBS studio with Twitch, that's if you haven't already before coming to this stream, go to your settings and have it looking like it is in the following screenshot.

file - settings - output - check✔️ Twitch VOD Track. 

Step 2.

Identify where your music sound gets played from, go to Audio mixer in your OBS studio, click the 3 dots beside the music channel, and click advanced audio properties, uncheck the number 2 beside the music channel. As you'll see in the screenshots below, in my case, my music audio channel is Desktop Audio 2.

Step 3.

Open the dock for the afore-installed multiple output plugin, and run your login to YouTube by filling in your stream key. The important part for the sake of what we are to achieve here when setting up how it's to run is choosing 2 in Audio Mixer under Audio settings in the Multiple Output plugin.

And that's it! If you followed all the steps right, when next you go live, you'll be having your music played on Twitch, but it's all just your voice and game sound on Youtube. 

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