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Morning there, here's to hoping you have a great weekend. In today's post, I'll be talking about branding, it's a topic every entrepreneur and even individuals that aren't should have a good grasp of if they desire success. I'll be deliberating on the topic using personal experience and teachings from award winning social marketer Neil Patel.
I've gone ahead and divided this topic in two parts, the Introduction which acquaints you with the concept and the Types which like the subject says tells you of and about the types of branding available. Today, we speak of the introduction.


What Is Branding?
Google that and you'll see a whole lot of definitions and articles on it, but in this case we'll be discussing branding on the scale of business and living a good life, hence we'll define branding thus:
Simply put, it is the art of attaching an ever growing value to a tactical front.
In other words, one can authoritatively say it is that process of building a credible, yielding face. Now let's break things down a bit. 

How's that done (what's it really?)
Now, if you were to start a business, by default you have started a brand. Get it now? See, the business name is the tactical front a.k.a brand name (of course you put some thought into naming it) meanwhile what the service(s) it offers is the true brand, the brand identity that's suppose to yield, the ever growing value, the funding channel of the owner's success.

But here's the catch about branding that most do not know of, branding did not start when you started that business, branding did not begin when you opened that shop? every one has a brand by intention or not, from the first time you breathed in air, you had branded yourself, first as a human, consequently as a baby and with time a toddler... Now, the thing about branding is, in as much as it can make you great, it can mar you! if handled carelessly.

Remember the first time as a kid that you took what wasn't yours? what did people say? there goes a thief, right? Well, that was people branding you(brand name) in reference to the value(brand identity) you've shown to them, but it was short lived, why? 'cos you couldn't keep up with delivering and improving on the value! (Your parents had likely canned the values out of you, which is a good thing, as it would have marred not make you).

Now from the above, you'd figure that, a brand is the value you offer to people as a representative of your ability, what you call it is a brand name by which people will easily refer to the value they are getting, but point is, the name don't matter, what it represents is the main thing.

The right branding can land you your dream job, get you that big contract but a tainted branding can go as far as costing your your life.

As a youth which you likely are, you should be asking yourself by now, what do people know me for, what value am I currently offering, what essential thing am I doing with my life that will make a company or someone consider offering me a desired opportunity.

On social media, what are you appearing like? a focused visioneer or a goalless youngster? mind you, whatever you do, people are watching!!! Just a profile of yours online can ruin your chances of getting that funding for your startup also is if tailored right can deliver you more than you imagined.

Now, let's believe you already have a positive branding, question is, how valuable is it? is it shaky, on the decline, stagnant? or evidently actively improving? if your brand isn't actively improving it will be out of vogue in no time! and would consequently lose every good it had gathered as they would have moved on.

The success of branding which brings about desired results lies in the function of how well it's functioning, how actively it's breaking forth and on. Your brand can't be fit if you deal in uncertainty of yourself, you don't believe in yourself, you've not made up your mind what you really want to pursue in you life? or you are shaky as regards efforts in building your brand (inconsistency).

Two Major Things That Break A Brand Bad
  • Inconsistency
  • Stagnant value

Now from the analysis so far, you'd have figured something; branding is personal, but if you were keenly reading you'd have figured something else out too, there are two types of branding;
  1. Personal Branding
  2. Corporate Branding.
Now those are what we'll be looking at in the next part. Till then, digest this and have a good time.

Hope you loved this read, I tried keeping it concise, let me read from you, comment and kindly share.


I know I'm supposed to write something absolute here bla bla bla, but I'm busy designing, all I want to say his, let's grow together, like couples with genuine love or something.... I don't know...

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