5 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming An Entrepreneur

Hi there. Today we’ll be looking at something you can call a proven prophesy of entrepreneurial hurdles, what you should know of and be sure you can take before making that ‘right’ turn to becoming an entrepreneur. I’ve broken them into basically 5 and here we go.


1. You Become A Boss: Well, there’s a difference between this kind of boss and the boss at a company where you get employed as the C.E.O or M.D. 
This kind of boss, grants you your wish of “I don’t want to be working for someone” but it comes with a catch of “now you’d work for people, not just one, if not even everyone”. 
Most people make the mistake of creating a start-up because they simply don’t want to work for someone which is a lethal motion that can kill the brand before anyone even know of it’s existence, being an entrepreneur don’t save you from working for someone but just gives you the chance of doing so solely on terms that you are cool with. 

Having a start-up will require that you work for a number of people, some of which you may even despise, but you do so with no one bossing over you, difference is, unlike when you were employed by a company, you aren’t trying to please superiors now, just clients, and that can actually be a daunting task though. You become a boss, with more stress to handle.

2. Passion Won’t Cut It: Yes you are all zealous about that idea of yours, and all fired up about how creative it is and more… okay wait! Hold it, yes, slow down right there, I don’t mean the process, but the excitement, tame the adrenaline and channel it into PLANNING else the business will fold up and will keep folding up until you sit yourself down and understand that passion only becomes a profitable profession and thrive when you treat is as not just a love, but a business you love. Map out DOs and DON’Ts of the sector you are venturing into, strategies on how you intend to become relevant in the field, how you intend to drive in sales and more. PLAN.

3. Don’t Wait!: You read right! Don’t wait, so long an getting ideas into realization is concerned, waiting is a tricky form of procrastination, not good for greatness, not one bit! Don’t wait for that your big dream funding, don’t! Make something happen, make do with what you have with you! And you might end up getting even more than that big funding you have in mind, according to renowned business strategist; there’s a mini version of that big dream(Steve Harris), start with that version, make it something many will find tangible. And build on it, before you would know, with consistency you’ll end up with something bigger than your imaginations’ imagery. Tell yourself now: The Wait Is Over!


4. No Shame About It: 
  • You are most likely to fail a couple of times at first, NO SHAME ABOUT IT! Not unless you give up.
  • No shame about anything, so long it’s not crime or utterly unscrupulous.
  • There’s no shame in being the C.E.O well known by the locals that treks under hot sun to buy roast plantain, NO SHAME ABOUT IT!
    The list is endless. Don’t fake a lifestyle ‘cos people expecting that you already getting money real big! Be ready to do away with every form of shame else you might run into scandal or worst still even go bankrupt in the process.

    5. Be Ready To Sacrifice: Probably, most likely than not, that start-up is mainly funded from your pockets, you are bootstrapping, well you should be ready to do that for a while, at least a couple of months, you’d have to give it a whole lot of your time too and cut off some activities, are you ready to reduce your eating to 0-1-1 or even 0-0-1 for your dreams if necessary? You ready to take up a lot of extra jobs only to use their gain to fund the start-up. Sometimes the painful things you’d have to do is not financial, but thing is, ritual off the list, are you ready to make sacrifice(s) for that idea of yours?
    And there you have it friend, what do you think? You feel you ready for all these? Then what are you waiting for? gear up! The world awaits your BIG DREAM!!!


    I know I'm supposed to write something absolute here bla bla bla, but I'm busy designing, all I want to say his, let's grow together, like couples with genuine love or something.... I don't know...

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