5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Tech Inclined

Hiya everyone, this time I'll be be discussing the topic that would give those of us already tech-loving super nudge to keep on at it, and those of us thinking it's a stuff for the nerd, wake up
you lazy Nigerian youth!(oops! I'm sorry, keyboard slipped) I meant to write not to young to rule decepticons... (--) okay, that's it! let's just forget about the accolades, thing is, it's time to dust-bin that misconception. Below are the 5 reasons why you should be growing interest in tech everyday.

1.) Career.
Thing is, please don't think I am bringing this up because Bill Gates said if he was a freshman (university fresher) he'd have studied AI (Artificial Intelligence) or because any other like Elon musk has repeatedly lauded the field, and definitely not because Vladimir  Putin said
 “Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia, but for all humankind”, 
no not at all. But thing is, come to think of it, would it be bad if you knew in details an aspect of a field that is going to be a great determinant of actions in the future? The answer for me is: not at all! Technology both online and offline has proven itself to be a growing elephant, an agile panther... (just really felt like using the black panther thing, doesn't really follow), don't you feel it will be just awesome that you are part of this progressing astonishing growth, most folks here are forcefully studying a course they do not love and even some have no great career path, so weigh it, what's it going to take for you to actually take a step today and get reading about technology to see if any part tickles your fancy.

Mind you, the black panther movie that grossed $1Billion+ in a month owes majority of it success to tech, from the effects to the AI study done to predict it's success in sales and other ramifications. Data Scientists are listed among the top 10 workers receiving fat paychecks in the world, not to forget, tech makes work even in other fields easier. Relevance is the language tech is speaking, and I would say: best that you stay relevant.

2.) Business.
In this age where many don't want to "work under someone", want to be an entrepreneur and own their personal business (meanwhile most end up only as wantrepreneurs | see footnote for the meaning of wantrepreneur), one can only ponder why a good number of same people are not embracing tech real good yet, you'd hear stuffs like: "abeg I no just fit for that USSD bank transfer stress thing, make my money no hang" but would happily join a bank queue that they have no cue when it is going to get to their turn and sometimes hang there for a good while in the little 24 hours a day can spare. Thing is Bill Gates was just sugar-coating when he said any business that is not online in 10 yes is out of business (I paraphrased but meaning is the same). It is WORSE!
Being Tech Inclined would help your business in 3 Major ways:
  • Awareness: An example is, you can get the free or paid awareness that would give you a boost, a good edge over your competitors who only implement few physical awareness campaigns (which you must have had in place already), leveraging the exposure social media and the likes give to put your brand out there online would leave you a notch or more higher on the chain, rake in subsequently more transactions for your organisation. And oh, Google won't show Jill let alone Jack about your business if the only place that has its details is a sign post at a junction in your street.
  • Ease your operations: Efficient usage of tools readily available online would leave you feeling like a cool cat, a typical scenario is instead of when you want details from a number of folks, walking from doorposts to doormats, you can simply put up an advert online that would show up on their mobile as they surf their interests online (targeted ads, only to those that would be interested), it leads to a page where you have a form waiting, they fill and you have what you would have trekked out useful time for, stress free! And online has more conversion possibility when done right, no one was forced to drop details (you'd rarely get wrong numbers or any other detail you requested for), and as such, you can push your services to the right folks on the go. It can also help ease your operations in many other ways like sales delivery and more.
  • Revenue: Imagine if you weren't just selling offline but also online as well? Imagine if you could receive payments on the go, like people buying from you straight from home while not quitting what they love as it runs in another tab, imagine selling at fixed price that they won't argue or make you explain why it is so, for whoever added it to cart conforms with the price already and you don't have to give him or her profit slashing change because he or she is your in-law...  If you smiled imagining those, then imagine selling online.

The list is in no way exhaustible in 3 outlines, but we can't discuss it all herein, plus I believe you get the picture.

3.) Pure Money.No! This is pure money, I repeat, pure money, now let me add, HEAVY MONEY! not some mediocre blood money like the text you just read. Technology has money raking into its industry daily more than it spends, its a fact that can not be undermined!. Recently a start-up got $3million dollars for being TECHY! And oh, guess how much Nigeria spent importing hardware and software last year? don't bother amigo, if you don't know, you just can't guess N868bn, yes that much green! (kinda made my brain moo) my goodness. Tech has the potential of making you the breadwinner to the breadwinner in your family if you find your feet in it, you mind just end us as the yardstick for measuring riches in your community, it's a possible tool for astra projecting your dreams.

4.) Resourceful.Tech can be real resourceful when appropriately engaged, it boast of vast sectors whose services are based on indulging you with knowledge and necessities for progress that you desire, e.g WikiPedia (that platform would literally tell you anything you want to know), that's just one amidst many more, Quora is another (Give a question, take an answer), there are forums littered all over the internet with almost every single one capable of boasting of some sort of uniqueness, and yes, there are offline resources too, like apps that help you with your grammar and phonetics, apps that help you keep tabs with your exercises, water-drinking schedules and more, amidst jet planes and drone cameras... (don't even get me started).

Thing is, getting to know tech is getting to know more resources that can help your works work better.

5.) It is fun and Educative.
Just like I made mention earlier, they are resourceful (can teach you things that even your English teacher couldn't have pulled of, like how speak like a slay queen... just kidding). But depending on how you utilize tech, it can be of great fun (your out of boredom getaway car) and can be real educational.

You can find entertainment apps, games and the likes, oceanic all over play-store and its sister platforms, so also has tech proven to be the no.1 go-to spots for new age youngsters when they can't pull of a school assignment (God bless Google of Living Memory), tech helps with school projects and even more. and oh being a tech inclined person will let you know that your network provider don't pay me per every visit you give the blog. (God please reveal yourself to all these people that says: "so you want make I dey visit your blog make my mb dey turn money for your account abi?... which account? what magic can make that happen? even Thanos go fear una o)

Now with the above list of 5 that I tried keeping minimal (truth is, the tech discuss is vast in any pick), if you still after reading this don't feel the need to get techy and still tag it a thing for the nerds, man... hmm, I'll just say some prayers tonight.

Do not get things misconstrued in anyway because of the nature of this post and how it seemed to talk more of online tech and software, technology goes way beyond the scope of internet confines, you can google for further enlightenment.

 Plus, you don't actually have to have a job that is of the tech sector to be techy, there's absolutely every tendency that you may check out all its aspects and not seems to get you excited, you likely going to be a genius prodigy in a totally non-tech related field entirely, and that brings us to the aim of the article, it is not in a bit to cajole or coerce you to do take up technology related fields of study as your alma-mata, but it's in a bid to inform you that it's beautiful over here and t would be okay if you know about it's existence and how it can work for you.

To pull of most of the technicalities, you do not necessarily need to know how to code or have the skill required to set of the tech in motion, you just need to be strategic enough with the usage of the knowledge you must have garnered about that kind of technology that can help your passion, so you can hire rightly and implement it right.
noun: techy
  1. a person who is expert in or enthusiastic about technology, especially computing.
You can be the enthusiast and still gain from it.
And that it for now brothers and sisters of the hub, (na so the Beta yarn reach for this post). See you next time, next post, same website, till then, read more articles, writings for you on the blog, share this post and others to your folks, + most importantly, stay blessed. Thank you.

Good morning.


I know I'm supposed to write something absolute here bla bla bla, but I'm busy designing, all I want to say his, let's grow together, like couples with genuine love or something.... I don't know...

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