Cheap But Cool Data Subscriptions Review 2018

In the midst of data zapping, internet users in the country increasing and Etisalat turned 9mobile unsuccessful selling streaks, I have decided not to talk about those but understand that whatever happens, life goes on, and so whatever may be the tide online now, we still got to browse as it has become a main part of the daily activity of the average Nigerian youth.

It won't be far from the truth when I say, when there is no data there is no fun, for data is the heartbeat needed to stay alive on the internet, and you need no telling the world wide web is where all the fun is (yes,I said that, except Christmas with dangote's Family).

Hence today I have taken upon myself the liberty of sharing with us one plan each from the 4 major TELCO NETWORKS in Nigeria that I consider the smartest when it comes to budgeting real low.

Bear in mind that even if you see a plan here that seems like there are others lower than it from same network provider, remember the saying that goes thus: Penny wise, pounds foolish!

Here we Go.

  1.  9Mobile: They used to be the real deal, but I guess kingdoms rise and fall after all, still battling with attaining stability after losing their main shareholder and I dub them data zapping elites, but this certain plan of theirs doesn't really validate that name. (a.k.a it actually doesn't zap)
    The plan gives you a whole 1GB for just N200
    To subscribe for the plan, all you have to do is dial *929*10# and you good to go. Con though is, this plan is valid for just 3 days, Fridays-Sundays, yes, it's the weekend show amigo.

  2. MTN: These masters have been around for a long while, and though it ain't monopoly they're running anymore, the still possess a strong grip on areas covered by any Telco in the country, plus their customer's base still the biggest, at least for the now. The best budget plan from them in my own perspective is the 1 week N500 plan, when done on the pulse tariff plan.
    Why pulse?
    Well, they would not loud it but fact is unlike the 750mb you'd get when you run the subscription on another tariff plan, it a whole 1024mb you'd get when you do it on the pulse tariff plan, (now that's good talk)
    To migrate to pulse text 406 to 131 or dial *406*1#
    And to subscribe to the plan, dial *103# or *123# and follow the prompts. The plan validity period is for a week.

  3. Airtel: These folks are if I'm to say kind of intermediate (Between MTN and Etisalat) when it comes to network zapping, albeit they're such a cool cat for surfing the internet, for their network is at least fairly good even in some real awry places (awry network-wise, I'm not talking about the other room). For them, I would say it is the Easy 14 days data plan (can't say that's the official name). By dialing *418# you'd get 750mb for N500 only (Available on all tariff plan).
    Alternatively, you may migrate to Airtel smart trybe, where by dialing *312# you would get 1GB N500 only and it will be Valid for 7 days.

  4. Glo: If you wonder why they came last, yes I wrote this post but it isn't my fault, they got here late, they come slow. Self-acclaimed grandmasters of data would not be omitted off this list for I'd hate that anyone see me as a Telco-racist, for them, I actually do not really see a way to cut corners to get a better cut on any plan like one can quite do on any of the other networks (and I'm not saying this because you'd probably not use the data for there may not be service throughout its validity period). You would see why I say so for yourself in the table below, wherein if interested in subscribing to a plan of theirs (maybe you are in one of the places where their network is strong like others only know of in dreams and myths).
    Though if mandated to name one, I would say best low budget is the campus data booster plan of N500 that gives 1.12GB while you are on campus, but 500mb while you're not, valid for 7 days, please when you subscribe for this plan, biko stay one place and don't come and be confusing the data plan. To get started, you just need to dial *777#.

To see their data plan table, click here.


And there you have it readers, not the most handsome plans, but pretty and not petty when you are on the lookout for good data to stay online. I hope you found a gig to snag, that's it for now, share and stay awesome, see you later.


I know I'm supposed to write something absolute here bla bla bla, but I'm busy designing, all I want to say his, let's grow together, like couples with genuine love or something.... I don't know...

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