The Difference Between Raw Talent And Pure Talent! (Monday Digest)

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Today I'd be making a short analysis, and as the title has rightly informed you, we'd be looking at the difference between Raw and Pure talent, let's go.

Nothing is new, just the everyday view is. -Cirphrank

You must have heard someone say once when probably a performer pulls an amazing stunt; "this guy has raw talent" and most times it is wrong (as regards this point of view) interchanged by the same set of folks when another display amazes them with: "this guy has pure talent".
Now, here's a quick explanation of their difference:

Raw talent is BASIC.

Pure talent is REFINED.

What differentiates that local singer from the international one most times is not due to platforms they were opportune to get on, most times the way they handled their talent is how they get the opportunities. Now one major stuff that differentiates pure from raw is the hard work.

Before I go on to wrap this up in making known what differentiates each from the other, I'd put this to you, raw talent is like iron ore, it's marveling and of value but not without too much gangue (dirt and worthless things) meanwhile, pure talent is refined, fine-tuned, of greater value, better mastery of skills, and gets all the glitz.

The Differences.

  • Raw talent is mediocre, Pure talent is an achiever, actively breaking status quos.

  • Raw talent is amazing, Pure talent is beautifully amazing.

  • Raw talent reaches heights, Pure talent breaks beyond peaks.

  • Raw talent is a dashing skill, Pure talent wields the mastery of a dashing skill.

  • Raw talent can yield a platform, Pure talent yields platforms.

In that last line, you'd notice I wrote that Raw can,  meanwhile pure does. Raw talent is like banking on uncertainties, while Pure talent is the total opposite. By default, everyone is born with a raw talent, but what differentiate folks is some keep using it RAW, others go ahead to clean it up and make it pure, while most time greatest keep fine tuning throughout their lifetime!

If you were born with a really sweet voice, that would never make you the one wielding the sweetest voice if you don't polish it up, for while you are busy being content with leaving it the way it came, many are actively busy working on their getting better. Turning your raw talent to a pure one is like becoming a man, it's not a day's job, but so worth it, it gives you a competitive edge, puts you out there better, helps increase your value, in a nutshell, it's one of the steps an individual needs to take towards getting a better life. Those who pure up their talent don't stand a chance of showcasing on a couple of platforms alone but in turn learn more, having more platforms and eventually being able to provide platforms for young(er) talents that might not even be anything like theirs! It's all in the will to achieve.

Making one's talent a pure one as earlier said is not easy, but nothing great ever is and no price of reasonable measure/means is too great to pay for greatness, pure talent is a necessary upgrade every dreamer needs in order to work out their goals into reality and I could actually go ahead to name some great men/women who took steps to make their talent pure and as such became timeless great personalities but I believe we actually know them already, Oprah, Hawkins, Musk...

Albeit pure talent requires you figuring out what your raw talent is at first though, before you can start working on it, if you have a problem figuring that out, you can mail us for the free eBook we're giving out this month which dealt on that and some other areas. (

After figuring out your pure talents, below are some steps to achieving pure talent(which is never totally achieved, for it is an unending continuous process). This list is by no means utterly definitive but sure helpful.
How To Get Your Talent Purified. 
  1. Set a goal, a great one, none is ever too great. (why? because it will give you a nudge to push beyond raw, as raw talent can't really achieve great dreams without being pure.)

  2. Make efforts daily. Read every day, learn every day, no matter how little, you can never know too much and there's always room for improvement. (you don't need to pay for rent)

  3. Don't try to boycott the process, get in the flow. Shortcuts never lead to giving you lasting cuts from greatness, don't fall for a scheme that would at the end of the day even skin you of even the raw talent in you, flow with the process, good things take time let alone greatness, learn steadily not hastily, take your time to find your rhythm that way you'd never lose it.

  4. It's going to be hard. It won't be easy but you can do it if any person tells you otherwise it's a lie, never let in negative vibes, even if it ever seems like it's not working out, remember, things are not always as they seem. Keep pushing, never you relent!

  5. Consistency. This is like a deliberation on 2 and 4, BE CONSISTENT. It's not going to be easy but you have to be consistent because practice does not just makes perfect but also helps to ensure that you never lose your touch. Take your goals like a belief system, from which you should never backslide. NEVER.

  6. Sacrifice. Make sacrifices, even Jesus understands the concept of this, that's what you saw HIM fulfilling on the Cross of Cavalry. Some of the bigwigs you see today sacrificed getting proper meals to building their empire. Make Sacrifices to learn, pay attention even when you don't feel like it, pay for knowledge even if it's your last penny, study instead of clubbing steady.

  7. Work, work, work, work. If you don't work for it, you can't complain when it doesn't work for you.

  8. Create connections with those with similar vision/talent. Get in the circles of those that matter in the field (carefully). When you create connections, you create for yourself opportunities.

  9. Be strategic, don't be impulsive as regards the way you make decisions.

  10. Say a prayer every day.

 Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.  -Tim Notke

And one more major thing, while you are at this, have fun! it's important.

The concept of achieving dreams with talents is not one which can be exhaustively discussed in a post, but I believe I've done a quick justice to it, so there you have it, Monday's digest on Beta Yarn. If you like it, don't be mean, kindly share it. Thank you, do have an awesome week.


I know I'm supposed to write something absolute here bla bla bla, but I'm busy designing, all I want to say his, let's grow together, like couples with genuine love or something.... I don't know...

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