The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your AdSense Account Approved, Maintaining And Optimizing It.

In this post, I shall be dis-certifying some AdSense myths and giving tips that will automatically see to your account being approved by AdSense.

Getting AdSense is not really as hard as a crappy a process most make it seem like in the publications they release, actually that's the very reason why most don't even get it.

Get Adsense is really easy, and I'm about to put a light on what's already in the open so you don't have no excuse.

In this post, I'd be outlining in just 3, steps you need to take to have a good stake in being approved. Good thing about AdSense is, so long you abide by their rules, you can run your Ad Code(s) on multiple blogs even though it's not the one you got approval through, albeit, those blogs should be as fit as the ones they approved you for, the one you see on this blog was gotten using Beta Yarn.

I know what I'm about to speak to you off, been rejected by AdSense a couple of times before I got approved, when I was eventually approved, my application was approved in about 20 days. They'd normally say: we are reviewing your site, this usually takes 3 days an occasionally more... but thing is, bro, sis, they'll take more than 3 days.

I'll be putting this guide in 3 stages: 
  1. Prepare
  2. Adhere
  3. Optimize
Let's go!

1.) Prepare

You have to be prepared for AdSense, if you want AdSense to consider you, we're talking about Google here you sure know they are a giant, they have standards, but fret not, nothing personal, it's business so they want you too actually, hey just want to see that you are prepared for them. Most times applications get rejected it's either the applicant did not prepare or the preparation was done amiss. In a statement, Google simply wants to find you in control,  by that I mean they don't necessarily want you at the helm of affairs but want to see that you have an understanding of the affair.

How professional is your blog looking? How clean is it? I'll outline how you prepare in statements if your blog is currently looking like garbage, it needs cleaning, and here's the sanctification process:

  1. Keep the contents original, avoid plagiarism, spun article articles are a major turn off that can get your application rejected seconds after you submit, know your niche well and be unique with your publications.
  2. Be neat, trust me, if your blog is looking like a world map drawn by a musician, sorry but no, AdSense won't let you in. Cleanness is next to Godliness, blog neatness is next to Google AdSense! having a theme with heavy functions won't cut it, but rather the deal have a theme with well laid out functions, clear-cut navigation, mobile responsive to the core + fast loading time is an advantage! If your blog or forum or whatever website it is is looking like it has all the archive in this world dumped on the homepage, it's a no-no for AdSense. Check this site for example of what to look like, not copy o!!
  3. Don't Flirt, most will tell you that google accepts running ads from other platform but in a cautioned manner, yes they accept. But think of it, how many in a polygamous marriage are cool with their husbands having other wives, and how many in this age would willingly marry into a polygamous home in this present age? Well, my advise, keep your site clean of ads from other platforms at least until you get approved. I don't mean direct adverts like sponsored contents too.
  4. Don't be new, be at least a month old not necessarily 6 months, that is your blog's existence timeline, have at least 50 publications already, you don't need much traffic, just be sure you are not the only one who visits your blog, make frequent updates on your blog/website especially while it's being reviewed, at least every 2 days there should be something new from you.

    2.) Adhere

    This part you'd need to apply mostly after being approved in order not to loose the approval quicker than it came, AdSense takes no nonsense and the ban like it's an essence. They call it protecting the interest of their advertisers.
    • Do not click your ads, lest you click your way out of the system.
    • Do not trick your audience into clicking or pleading that they click, AdSense checks on their publisher sites from time to time and if you are found flouting orders, you'd get flagged out.
    • Do not jam-pack ads on a page with little or no content, like error pages or making a post with only two lines...
    • Don't send ads through emails, AdSense detests it.
    • Do not put AdSense on a page where you have other adverts flowing like AdSense is competing, that's an un-welcomed insult.
    • No one cares if you are a coder or not in this scenario, never alter in any form whatsoever the AdSense code.
    • Read up this page for more errors to Avoid. 

    3.) Optimize

    Yes, AdSense is the most paying platform available for publishers but you in for a long tale if you feel the simply start dashing you money just like that once you've been approved and you adhere. You need to optimize, but avoid any form of AdSense shorts cuts you read of. They are booby traps.
    To optimize:

    • Enable In-Post Ads.
    • Write engaging contents always, AdSense ads system will smartly display ads that go along with the interest of the reader which you've already captured.
    • Enable your Ad Codes on multiple blogs, and probably 80% might not be yours, but if they are fit, and they don't have AdSense already, approach them and strike a deal on how you share the profit. Not to worry, you can track how much their URL is generating into your AdSense account from your dashboard.

    And there you have it, a quick run through all you need to know as regards AdSense, got questions? let me know via comment. Happy Monetization!


    I know I'm supposed to write something absolute here bla bla bla, but I'm busy designing, all I want to say his, let's grow together, like couples with genuine love or something.... I don't know...

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