How To Save Whatsapp 24hrs Statuses

Not really much to be said in this post, but that just like there are many 3rd party app for lifting contents off Instagram like the Instagram Profile Picture down-loader so also is their a way to lift of status updates from your contact list on whatsapp and it's very easy to do.

Most of you reading this never probably knew that such functionality exists, well here you go: it does! And with it, you don't need to keep asking your friends to send you the videos or pics they updated on their statuses, you can now lift anonymously.

PRO: Easy to use, just open, check recent stories and save a desired piece.
CON: Not really a con, you can save only the statuses of those on your contact list, and you cant't save a status after its disappearance, i.e desired status should be saved locally before the 24hrs time-frame elapses.

Their are a number of apps that can get the job done, but I'd recommend Status Saver For Whatsapp

You can download via this link:  Download Now or simply search and download straight from Google play.



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