How To Connect Xender To Laptop, Even When You Already Have Hotspot on For Your Laptop.

Xender is one fine piece of file sharing app that makes use of WIFI to power its transfer protocol, with time since its inception, Xender has witnessed an impressive number of changes, one of them is that which makes it possible to connect one's phone to PC for easy file transfer.

Albeit, thing is, for that to happen, by default the data needs to be off and an hotspot would be created by Xender, well, in this post, what I am going to be showing us quickly is how to make the connection still happen even with your data is on and when you already have your phone sharing the data with your PC via your own custom hotspot.

   How To:   

1.) Open the Xender app on your phone
2.) Click on receive file
3.) Tap on connect to PC by the bottom right
4.) (By now your data or hotspot or both would be off) draw down the notification bar and see to it that they are on.
5.) You should see something like SCAN... (like in the screenshot below)

6.) Now open a browser on your PC, type in in the address bar and hit go
7.) A bar code will show up, click scan on your phone now and scan the barcode on the PC using your camera.

*In about 5secs if you performed the steps right, you should hear a click sound and nep pages displayed on both devices and voila! Your gadgets are linked.
You can now share away, even as you browse, you can download on the go and share immediately to your phone without having to break your internet connection. Happy file sharing pal!


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