5 Tips To Help Speed Up Your Android Device.

This morning, we shall be kicking off this week on a speed level. In this post I'd simply be tipping us off on 5 simple manoeuvres that can help speed up our android devices.

Normally, a typical android device don't get to have the total amount of RAM stipulated in specs available to its user for use when un-boxed, as the system would take its fair share, sometimes, more than fair. The major factors for speed in an android device are the THE RAM AND PROCESSORS, albeit, the available storage space also plays an important role in whether your device would lag or not. This post is not for the explaining of the concept though, I know you just want to get the tips and get juicing your speed so let's get started.

  1. Know Your Apps: Gone are the days when tech was complicated, things are pretty easy now, you don't need no bros at no computer village to keep your gadget stocked so for your phone's heath sake, know your stock, avoid indiscriminate installation of apps, some have so many apps that they can't even keep count yet they use less than half of the list. Mind what you collect into your phone as even when you feel some of those apps are dormant, no they're not, some of them run endlessly in the background doing no good for you but rather ripping off your data, collecting data and sending back to their base.

    This is not just bad for your subscription but also slows your phone's speed down more than supposed in line with your true usage as it is taking part of the processors and RAM and the shady part about that is you wouldn't know as it would not show when you minimise to see opened apps.
  2. Disable Auto-Start Ups: Most apps upon installation collects the permission of auto starting which you willingly give without reading, now thing is, you are like not going to ever use some of these apps for a long while but rather every time you switch on your device, they auto start and in redundancy cause redundancy in your device's speed. To disable this, go to settings, scroll down to auto start management and change settings to your preference(using Tecno W2 as a case study, other phones likely have it under SETTINGS > APPS...). That's it.
  3. Reduce Or Eliminate Animations: There are some things that you just should be using a third party app for, as much as possible avoid using 3rd party apps to run some functions that has an inbuilt app for it, e.g Launchers. If you are using one, if you won't love to disable it, then reduce the animations, these lot slow down speed unnecessarily. Same with any other 3rd party apps for customization, albeit, some inbuilt apps need this re-setting also.
  4. Get A Cleaner: You should have a cleaning app which you should run from time to time. It should have at least the functions of guiding you on storage management, so also should it have the function of genuine RAM boosting. Most reputable for such a task for the now is the CLEANMASTER, you can get it from playstore.
  5. Clear Out The Trash: Trash, that's exactly what cache is most of the time, most times, majority of the info stored therein is a pure waste of storage, as you use different number of apps, data on them get logged into the cache, when it gets really large, it becomes a pain to your device's speed as low memory would normally do to any phone. To rid your phone of this from time to time. To do this, goto: Settings>Storage>Tap On The Storage>Tap on the 3dots at the top right corner>Choose Clear Cache and proceed. Can't find that on your phone? Just use a cleaner to get the job done.

And there you have it friend, 5 easy but effective tips to speed up the speed. Have a great week and do not forget to hit the share button.


I know I'm supposed to write something absolute here bla bla bla, but I'm busy designing, all I want to say his, let's grow together, like couples with genuine love or something.... I don't know...

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