Top 5 Myths About Blogging

Today people, we're going to be looking at the top 5 myths as regards blogging and we shall healthily debunk them, some are actually funny, especially No. 2. Okay, let's go.

1.)It is easy
No, blogging is not easy. To think copy and paste capabilities can run a blog effectively on the good standard is a bland misconception. It's either you in for quality or you'll be out in no time with a stack of plagiarized contents. You have to be good with a niche and you have to be ready to give repeated quality efforts day in day out. Else the blog will be dead on arrival, there are many other things to keep in check to make a blog survive but this is a major.

2.)Visitors MB Get Converted To Money For Blog Owner On Every Visit
Yes, blog owners with time earn, but NO! I REPEAT NO!!! MB never gets converted to money for blog owners, telcos have no affiliation with blog owners by default, they share no MB profit with bloggers.

I hear a lot of people say stuff like:
no, make I dey visit your blog make you dey chop my mb abi?

You don't make any payment to no blogger by just visiting their blog, that's an extreme misconception. I hope blog readers start treating bloggers better upon this realization.

3. It's all about gossip
No, that's wrong. In blogging, there's what we call a niche, and in other words that means an area of concentration. Pro bloggers know the necessity of having a defined niche, e.g on this blog you'd have if this is not your first-time notice that we post mainly techy and literary articles.

Different folks, different strokes, different blogs different niche, and there a variety of niches, ranging from; lifestyle, fashion, gist, and tons more

4.)It is an unproductive venture
Well, I don't need to write no epistle on this as this innuendo is gradually being eradicated off the minds of many, at least since one of Nigerian's foremost blogger, Miss. Linda Ikeji started acquiring mouth gaping properties.

Blogging is a profitable venture, just that as a number of other business, it doesn't work in line with a short-term boom! It takes work.

5.)Every blogger is techy.
No! Big no! You don't need to be a tech pro to be a blogger. You just need to have the desire, passion for the work, just like every other work or course of study, if your heart is willing, then a way is waiting. To set the blog up, you can just hire a web developer, it doesn't cost a stack of cash that hurts, once your blog is up and running, all that's needed on your part is not code touching but contents delivering, simple.

And that's it dear reader, hope you enjoyed this piece. Let's read from you to, the comment form it open. Do share.


I know I'm supposed to write something absolute here bla bla bla, but I'm busy designing, all I want to say his, let's grow together, like couples with genuine love or something.... I don't know...

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