5 Reasons Why Most online Businesses Fail

Good morning people, in this post we'll be outlining in a brief mode some reasons why many online businesses fail. And I'd like that we start off with the below quote.
"If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business." -Bill Gates
Putting that quote into careful considerations, one would say it is only smart to venture into a business online and or make sure to have an e-version of an already existing biz, running offline. Although this is a smart move that always end up in ruins most times when not smartly executed. Below are five causes of awry falls.

  1. Vague/No Analysis: most people venture into online set ups without considerable knowledge of the workings of the business. Knowledge of the business goes way beyond just knowing that okay, I'd buy for a certain amount and can sell for this price, questions like: how encouraging is the market? Is the business still experiencing her boom period? can I endure the earning time frame? and more needs to be deliberated on, one needs to analyse extensively before venturing into any biz, and be sure to have full knowledge or something close to that, of what he or she is getting to.

  2. Not Keeping Tabs: Not keeping tabs of what's happening in one's field and consequently getting outdated is one hell of a risky move of irresponsibility, when you are outdated, it's like being stripped down to no pants while at front-line in war. Being outdated leaves one at the mercy of counterparts and there's no telling what they'll do to reduce the competition. For a business to survive, one need to constantly be aware of any advancement, discovery, changes made as regards his area of concentration, e.g You are into photography, and you are still using lenses with low MP when most others are displaying their stuffs with higher resolutions, you have ultimately declared yourself out of business.

  3. Ignoring The Experts: You can't become a master in a day, in fact, you are never really one. Best attitude towards your business is to be the ever ready learner who seek the advice of experts every now and then. The aim is simple, to learn from the mistakes of others, save yourself stress, or worse still, an eventual collapse.

  4. Ignoring The Locale: Dreaming big is a great thing, but trying to fly when you haven't mastered walking is to seek doom. Never ignore the locals, they are your number one community and your link to reaching that dream of going global, albeit, for you to get to be able to get in touch with the world, you have to be one who has been able to create a connection with your immediate surrounding, you have to learn from there feedback, the complaints, their behavior towards  your products, take survey on them and more. Basically, the point is: Get to know them.

  5. Impatience: Good things come to those who wait work and have patience for their efforts to yield. Most of this things take time before they'd yield a good return. But when they do, it's always great. This is something that mostly kills many young blogs, the zeal to become Linda in months forgetting that it took her years. Always consider your inputs as seeds that need time to germinate, grow and bear fruit. This is not applicable to all e biz though, some, if you ain't earning from day 1, you running losses already, no deep thinking to it.
Bonus Tip: One of the thing about getting clear analysis is to know how to go about cost of set up and plans that you should run with least you start what you can not finish.

And with that, this topic is signed, sealed and delivered. I hope you love it.


I know I'm supposed to write something absolute here bla bla bla, but I'm busy designing, all I want to say his, let's grow together, like couples with genuine love or something.... I don't know...

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