3 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Taking Facebook Quizzes Now!

Facebook has with time turned out to be the largest pool when it comes to social network, this is more of the reason why it is the first stop for most things springing up online, its vast database of humans makes it a great target for both legal stuffs and otherwise.

Most of them just come and they trend and one of them that has been on for a while is the QUIZZES. That is those apps you engage on facebook that claim to tell you some certain things about you, like who you'll marry and others alike, well in this post, I'm going to be showing you as brief as possible why you shouldn't be taking those quizzes. Let's go.

  1. They are all Fake: I'm not here to point at one as white and flag the other black but let me put it to you in real simple words: THEY ARE FAKE!
    These apps promise to tell you info as regards real time scenes but the thing is, maybe yes in the future tech can get that done but now? No. These supposed magical answers you get are delivered by those apps, apps that were programmed, the algorithm behind the programs all have one simple basic pattern, to appeal to your liking, in line with guesses or publications on human behavioral pattern, yes, sometimes you must have figured some flaws out as the answers they give occasionally are just outright ridiculous, But the thing is even those periods you consider them right, they weren't, they just had enough info to deliver you a seemingly accurate answer but the thing you should know is static inorganic codes can't deliver answers to real life organic questions else fed on the go with specific info in full.

  2. Waste Of  Time And Resources: Waste! Waste! Waste! here in Nigeria we are far from having cheap data plans as things still look, so come to think of it, spending that subscription of your so you can be spoon fed some lies by a program, is it worth it? People are raking in sums from online when they come on, is seeking lies really a good way to spend your time? Well, I'd leave you to answer that.

  3. Security Threat: Every app on Facebook is a security threat to your info on the social platform, and Facebook owes you nothing as regards securing you from the app for it clearly asked if the app should be permitted intrusion into your account and you gave your consent, bam! That's why you need to mind the app you give permissions to, they can literally steal your info and commit online illegal schemes with your account, why? because you permitted them too, most of the apps running quizzes on fb right now weren't even really built to display a fascinating coding but to rather boycott your securities and gain access to your details like you for whatever use they might have for it. That may include selling of emails, spamming of groups with your account, or if you are even the type that make purchases on Facebook, it could lead to theft of your credit card info.
With those three highlighted reasons, I rest my keypad, beware what you approve of online and the trends you indulge in, stop indiscriminate taking of Facebook quizzes before it leaves you puzzled in trouble.


I know I'm supposed to write something absolute here bla bla bla, but I'm busy designing, all I want to say his, let's grow together, like couples with genuine love or something.... I don't know...

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