5 Reasons Why Giving Up Is Not Worth It, failure is better.

Good-day dear, hope you've had a great day. Today's post is going to be as usual not a boring lengthy stuff but concise and helpful. I'll be sharing some insights as regards giving up.

Have you ever been in the situation where you felt like all hope's lost and you can't continue more? Well, I'm not here today to tell you how many celebs had issues that are worst in the past too but to make clear to you that giving up is not the ideal option, not a bit!

I've made in a list of 5 reasons why FAILURE is better than Giving Up. Let's get to it.

  1. It doesn't solve the problem: have you ever seen a scenario whereby an issue got solved by people stopping attempts to try have it resolved? Is that even logical? Now, this goes for the light bulb by Edison and a lot more. Resolving to chickening out doesn't get the job done, but rather makes room for the problem to aggravate and cause more harm in most cases.

  2.  It is a waste of time and resources: when you give up, it's an act of flagging your efforts useless and a total waste! and that includes all the time and other forms of resources you've spent in trying to crack the puzzle, rock your boat and find that glow, but if you give up now, you automatically throw all of that in the drain never to be recovered.

  3. It is dumb: if giving up was an invention, it will forever hold the record for all-time worst invention! Do you know that most times when you even give up your dreams won't even let you have rest of mind and you likely to start at them again??? Now that's where failure gives giving up a solid beating! See, when you fail at an attempt, you get a chance to start all over again, wiser as regards the working of the venture in question. BUT when you give up, you don't get to start again! whatever knowledge you've probably gathered becomes a waste because you didn't see the hurdle as a portal to starting over better, and then you don't get to put whatever you've learned spending resources into practice and as thus you never did really learned anything as it will with time leave your knowing when unpracticed.

  4. Habit:

    Failure never becomes an habit, but giving up can!-Cirphrank
    When you fail at an attempt and take it as such a chance to get better, you are practicing to get successful, but when you give up, you are practicing to fail again and give it all up again. remember when I said your dreams are likely not to let you rest? no kidding. And when that happens it gets awry if you did give up, as there's all tendency you would start over again as you took a terrible break towards making your big break, you'd have to learn some number of things over again which in turn would actually lead you to experiencing some hiccups over again and you're more likely than not going to flinch again out of frustration of having to deal with same issues again and thus by reflex probably give up. AGAIN!

  5. For The Future: On this one, I had some help from Forbes.

    For your future, for that dream you have, where do you think giving up would put you in a few years to come? The apex or below ground level? huh? I believe we both know the right answer. Man up now and see that issue as a chance to forge ahead better, otherwise, you end up the man down! If you won't do it for yourself, do it for your future and the loved ones you'll have in it!
Giving up is never a way forward, it's a blackout.

So I'd say you dust your papers, get back to work and sign the paper works never to give up again!

Have a great week! #share


I know I'm supposed to write something absolute here bla bla bla, but I'm busy designing, all I want to say his, let's grow together, like couples with genuine love or something.... I don't know...

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