3 Resons Why You Might Want To Stick To Your .Blogspot Domain

Last updated: NOV 8. 2018
By the time you'd be done reading this, you'd see why there's food.

Hello there, in this post I'll be discussing a quick one with us that will pretty much explain to us some great benefits of a .blogspot domain name which comes with every blogger blog by default, some reasons that might just be screaming: STICK WITH IT!. You should really read this and give your self some credits if you are a blogger with big dreams but can't afford a custom domain name for now.

Let's go.

1.) It Is Free!
Hold up! Before you gnaw me, I really did just have to do that because it is one hell of an amazing thing about blogger, like yes, 100% for life that domain name will be free, you'll never get charged for it! If you ask me that saves a couple of dollars, a number of thousands of naira that can actually serve you pretty well in some other areas.

2.)No Set Up / Management Issue
Another sweet part is this, .blogspot domain names are hassle-free, no set up stress whatsoever, no DNS management or CNAME records updating or anything similar, just choose an available name and you good to go like it's a merry-go... just kidding, but the point is, it is a situation of Choose and Use not like Choose, Manage and Use, Manage...

3.) Security
When your blog is on Blogger, SSL is handled for you! FREE! so long you are using the default address that blogger gave your blog (name.blogspot.com), for reasons best known to them, they do not offer Secure Socket Layer for custom domains, at least not yet.
Now I know some of y'all wondering: "da flying codes is SSL?", well;
Most SSL Certificates contain the domain name, company name, address, city, state, and country. It also contains an expiration date of the certificate and the details of the Certificate Authority (the company who issued the SSL). When a browser attempts to establish an SSL connection to a website it checks to make sure the certificate is not expired, has been issued by a trusted authority, and is being used for the correct website. If any of these checks fails your web browser will display a warning letting the user know that the site is not secured by SSL.-InM.H
Well, let's kick outside a bit now, let's say you ain't running your blog or website on blogger and you wanted to get an SSL service for your custom domain name, know what? Some hosting charge as "low" as $70/year for the service. Now that's something no average blogger would find easy to acquire and stay in line financially, me inclusive. And Blogger gives it free!

See the awesomeness of a BlogSpot address now? and not to be splashing free adverts but I know a couple of big blogs that still using the BlogSpot address as their primary address. Why Am I using a custom address? well, that's for another day.

Good morning once again, that's it for this topic, have a great day.


I know I'm supposed to write something absolute here bla bla bla, but I'm busy designing, all I want to say his, let's grow together, like couples with genuine love or something.... I don't know...

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