The eBook palace

Here's where I stash my luxury of words documented in PDF. You're welcome to spoil yourself, I'll leave you spoilt for choice.

12 LOL

Dubbed 12LOL, 12 Lines Of Love is a theatrical on love, said by many to be a love journey of an eBook telling what everyone has gone through whilst loving or will eventually go through in time.

It contains 12poems, with each poem having 12 lines, divided into three quatrains.

First published in September 2017.

Download 12LOL


After not being to meet up with telling all that cared to listen that I'd have four eBooks up for public consumption by February, I came through with CC the list, CC: to those that cared, I'm sorry, I'm coming. And the CC also meant compesaniton compilation.

It's one containing very expressive poems, mildly aggresively expressive. 6poems. 6ft+ deep poems.

Download CC The List