Weekend Roundup: Whatsapp Ads - Android Update - Black Friday

Hiya there, happy Sunday! I hope you've had a great week. Here's my weekend report for you!
Yes, you read that title right and trust me, it's not really going to go down well, for consumers, e.g: you and me.
As reported by TechCrunch, the update once it goes live will render any app you have that isn't up to date obsolete. They claim that developers have actually been requesting for this.

3. Black Friday has taken a smooth turn on AliExpress. The 11:11 run.
The eCommerce giant is keeping things insanely such a swell. If you have been looking to make a great purchase all week and haven't found a deal that really Black Friday-ish anywhere, head on to their website already, you will definitely find a good choice.
4. Are you a WordPress person? hope you have supercharged your website with these 5basic tools?
5. You want to boost your posts on facebook but finding making payments a hard one? Read how to fund your account with any naira MasterCard now.

And that's it, good people of me,  see you in the next post. Once again, happy Sunday!

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