Weekend Round Up

Happy Sunday there, hope you have had a great week of engaging clients and scaling ideas to realities with codes😇 - I have.

If you haven't, don't give up now, a new week is upon us, come tomorrow, push more and better. Well, below is my roundup for your consumption this week as regards stuff I love in tech. Just two for you😉.

1. Creating a blog. The Easy Guide.

Here are the links to all the steps you'd need to create a blog yourself, without any prior knowledge of coding, crystal clear guides that will help you steer your way around getting your own blog even on zero naira budget.

  1. Open The Blog 
  2. Customize The Blog
  3. Basic Theme Customization
  4. Custom URL SetUp Tutorial
2. The Floating Share Buttons Guide.
And if you happen to be not pleased with the rate at which your audience engage your contents, you really will love to see this one, an in-depth look into how and why you should use floating share buttons. Read why and how to use floating share buttons

And it's with that, that I say do have a lovely night pal and a great week ahead.😎

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