Go to church - hell yeah!

I see a gossip crew in the pew

A brothel in the choir stand
Playboys amidst instrumentalists
Everyone seems hypnotized with a seething fault or another - 
Yet staying hypocritic, looking stainlessly clean but breaking into pieces of dirt hew.

Segregation among ministers
Pastors with shoulders that seem drugged, high
Friendships that don't surpass HEYs and HIs
Held in preeminence over the gospel of Christ are ranks and files -
Falling apart like a pile of old blocks, no longer looking like a chip off the old block.

I see liars and Judases 
Claiming PETERs, catch them and they'll still deny, like; "I only panicked don't mean it's what I practice."
I see counseling units acting like media outlets
Say how you feel and you'd get no cheer no help, but a bunch of I knew he wasn't Holy! Oh please, team brothers and sisters in the Lord, gather here for a selfie 

From God's business to Church is business, I see a whole lot more than a page can tell.
I see light but this time I don't mean Christ, I see a fire. And if we don't do something about charades and turn back to what truly is and fix this damage, we'll burn, won't be long before a criterion for making hell turns out to be going to church.
Copyright - Cirphrank.

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