The Street (i)

Whilst many are busy with the fancy and amplification that makes things seem fairy-tale-like, Victor is doing it different still, his pattern of norm. In this 2-piece suit of how the street really is, you see something about the street that is just what it is for most;
The hustle is real for many out here, right from when we're kids to when we become adults.
Copyright - Zaviano. 2018
In this case, Zaviano portrays the hustle in one of it's most realistic ways which is from as kids selling fire woods to an adult transporting logs of wood in a custom made wooden wheel barrow.

This is a case of life displayed in a perspective of; life can be hard (like logs of wood) and everything changes but nothing ever really changes for good else we don't always look out for being given but aim at taking what we dreaming.

And also the pictures perfects the saying of 20 friends can't play for 20 years. (A duo as kids, alone as a grown man). 20 friends truly can't play for 20 years, definitely not in a harsh condition.

Copyright - Zaviano. 2018
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