A simple Octave For An Awesome Friend

Here's to you, a short one, the opposite of my lifelong love for your sweet personality. An octave for the noble one, a pun mainly chemists would understand.

Life is hard, 
That becomes the case only if you become the one whom he had.

This is serious, yet funny,
Like you make my heart beat funny, and my left abdomen thump silly... left abdomen? you see what I mean.

They say poets are not to be trusted, if you believe that,
I would not hesitate to break my pen just so I break a leg with you.

I stare at you every time in my mind, and each moment breaks on my face a smile and make me say:
Praise the Lord! isn't she the best thing to have been since Hallelujah!

Footnote: here's an octave divided into 4 couplets, and to get the chemistry pun in it, give noble gases a search on google.

Poetry is simple.

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